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My name is Tim Barnes and I’m the Editor of Nature Photo Journal.  I’ve been interested in photography for many years and seriously interested in digital photography for about four years.  I believe I bring a unique perspective to nature photography because of the research I’ve done as a serious amateur in the pursuit of learning photography in general and more specifically, nature photography.  On these pages, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned and hope to learn more through additional training and research.

Resources for Nature Photographers

During the course of improving my photography, I’ve found many resources that have worked well for me.  These include cameras, equipment, software, and training, as well as photo locations that I really enjoy.  I’ve organized this information into the following sections in Nature Photo Journal:

Home – Here you’ll find the Home Page (the page you are reading now), the Sitemap, Contact Information, and the About Page

News – This is the home to the Photo Blog, Photography News, Natural Photo Journal Updates, and the All Posts at Nature Photo Journal page.  These pages discuss new articles and features of this site as well as news from the nature photography world

Equipment – The area for Equipment Reviews and Equipment I use for Photography

Software – Check this section for Software Reviews and Software I Use in Photography

Training and Information – The section for Training Reviews (including training DVD’s, books, online courses, workshops, etc), Informational Resources for Nature Photographersand the Nature Photography Workshop Database, which is a searchable index of workshops offered around the country and the world provided by professional photographers

Techniques and Locations – Interested in new photography techniques, then check out the Techniques and Do It Yourself sections.  The Photo Locations section has articles on interesting locations for nature photography.

Photo Albums – The photo albums of Nature Photo Journal including the 2011 Nature Photo Journal Photo Album