Who is the Editor of Nature Photo Journal?

My name is Tim Barnes and I’m the editor of Nature Photo Journal, which is a set of resources for photographers, but primarily geared to nature photography.

Why did you start Nature Photo Journal?

I started Nature Photo Journal because I enjoy nature photography, want to learn as much about it as possible, and wanted to centralize all the information I was gathering.  After awhile, all the information I had for nature photography was accumulating in all kinds of places.  This site serves as a central location for me to keep this information, as well as sharing with others that have an interest in nature photography.

What topics are covered?

I take a very broad view of what is included in nature photography.  Topics I include are photography of landscapes, wildlife, plants, macro and even some people oriented activities if it has a component that is part of nature, such as sailing or rock climbing.  Nature Photo Journal will be discussing not only wild settings, but will also deal with controlled settings such as conservatories and zoos – anything that is part of nature, no matter if it’s been influenced by man, will be covered.

How do you contribute an article?

I’m always looking for interesting articles on nature photography, especially if you have great and interesting photos.  If you have an article that you think might fit Nature Photo Journal, please contact me.

How do you contact Nature Photo Journal?

The contact form is located here.  Please be sure that your e-mail address is correct before submitting.