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Tim has been interested in photography for many years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's in Environmental Science. Writing nature articles allows him to combine his interest in photography and nature into one medium.

“Your Shot, National Geographic’s Photo Community” Contest 2013 Photos

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About a week ago, I wrote an article on National Geographic’s previous “Your Shot, National Geographic’s Photo Community” photographic contest.  Anna in the Communication Department at the National Geographic Society contacted me and asked it I would like to post some of the photos from the current contest entitled “Explore Our Changing World“.  Of course, I’m overjoyed to post these because they are absolutely amazing – all the participants should be very proud of their shots, even if they don’t win the top prize.

So, take a look at these samples below and pick your favorite to cheer on.  I don’t know how many photos have been entered, but I’m sure there are many more fantastic shots that you can check out on the National Geographic Society “Your Shot” website.

Also, please note that the submission deadline is tomorrow, October 22nd, 2013.  So, if you have a photo you would like to enter, check out the “YourShot” website.  You never know – you could be the next photographer to have an image published in National Geographic.

Master of Disguise

Photograph and caption by Graham McGeorge, National Geographic Your Shot

Camouflaged, Eastern Screech Owl, protects its nest.

Orange Liberty

Photograph and caption by Joy Acharyy, National Geographic Your Shot

Orange Liberty
These kids were playing the ghats of Ganges in Varanasi, India. The moment this kid saw me with my camera, she posed with the huge flag in her hand and made my day.

Bromo Tengger National Park

Photograph and caption by Dennis WaltonNational Geographic Your Shot

Bromo Tengger National Park
Nothing changes the landscape like a major volcano. I have visited Bromo Tengger National Park in Java, Indonesia many times. The usual drill is to climb to my favorite viewpoint in the early morning darkness and wait for sunrise. You never know what the new day will bring. This time it was an ash eruption of Mt Semeru highlighted by the warm colors of rising sun. 

Smile From Mentawai Hunter

Photograph and caption by Mohd Ismail, National Geographic Your Shot
Smile from Mentawai Hunter

Throw fishing

Photograph and caption by Hoang Giang Hai, National Geographic Your Shot
Throw Fishing
This is one of traditional way to earn a living of people, who is living in Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam. 

The migration of locusts (03)

Photograph and caption by Michele Martinelli, National Geographic Your Shot
The Migration of Locusts
Oppression, interaction, collaboration. In the life cycle of nature nothing is lost, but the coexistence of different species is sometimes difficult. In Madagascar periodically recurs the archaic antagonism between man and the migratory locust, in a circle of life where the two species look for space and food for their survival. A man at the end of the day you walk towards their home with their prey on their shoulders. Inside the heavy bag in fact there are locusts that the man caught during the day. 


Photograph and caption by Jonathan Tucker, National Geographic Your Shot
This is a self portrait of my self under a glacier in Alaska. This was by far the most amazing experience. This cave took me two + hour hike over a mountainside through swamps and about 30 minutes of walking on the glacier itself. This cave under the glacier is formed from a waterfall off the mountain that meets the glaciers edge and the cave is around 30 yards deep.When I first walked under the Glacier it was the most breath taking and scary experience I have lived.

Castelluccio di Norcia

Photograph and caption by Mauro Maione, National Geographic Your Shot
Castelluccio di Norcia
The Plains of Castelluccio are a karst plateau of the central-alluvial (Umbria-Marche Apennines), located in the Umbrian side of the Sibillini Mountains at the foot of Mount Carrier, within the territory of the town of Norcia, near the village of Castelluccio and the National Park of Monti Sibillini, and that is the bottom of an ancient Apennine lake, now dried up, and known for its karst features.

White Rim Storm

Photograph and caption by Klaus Priebe, National Geographic Your Shot
White Rim Storm
During a visit to the Canyon lands during the monsoon season of 2013 I chased storms during the week and had this little micro thunderstorm head right at me. It was a magical moment with the sun peaking through the clouds to the west and the storm producing rain and a few lightning bolts as it passed by me. 

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