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Tim has been interested in photography for many years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's in Environmental Science. Writing nature articles allows him to combine his interest in photography and nature into one medium.

First Photo with my new Lens – Tufted Titmouse

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Tufted Titmouse Photographed with 300 mm F4 Lens

Tufted Titmouse Photographed with 300 mm F4 Lens

This week, I decided it was time to sell stuff that I don’t use anymore (primarily from old hobbies) and take the money and buy a good lens.  So, I bought a Canon 300 mm F4 L lens.  To say the least, I love this lens.  It’s opening up new ways for me to photography birds, primarily because now I have a good lens with image stabilization technology.

This shot of a Tufted Titmouse was taken from inside my house using the Canon 300 mm F4 L lens and a Kenko Teleplus Pro 300 1.4 teleconverter (which I’ve had for awhile, but haven’t used much), which gives me a 420 mm equivalent (not counting the additional 1.6 from the crop frame of the T1i).  Even though I was handholdoing the camera and lens, I was able to rest my elbows on a desk, which really helps as well.  When I have the rig on a tripod, I’m really limited to the angles I can shot (especially when I’m inside);  I can now twist and bend to get shots that previously I couldn’t.  Plus, with the tripod, I had to set everything back from the window, putting the camera a little further from the subjects.

I’m selling some more stuff, so I’ll share my other equipment upgrades soon.

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