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Pickett’s Pond at Osbornedale State Park

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Pickett's Pond at Osbornedale State Park

Pickett's Pond at Osbornedale State Park

The day before the big October  snow storm here in Connecticut, I took this photo of Pickett’s Pond at Osbornedale State Park in Derby, Connecticut.  This photo is at the end of the pond away from the parking lot and was a very interesting little area with lily pads, rushes, moss, and colorful trees.

The DEP website explains that Osbornedale State Park was named after one of the previous owner families, the Osbornes.  However, I haven’t been able to determine why the pond is called “Pickett’s Pond”.  If anyone knows, please leave a comment below.

I hope to return to the park soon to hike some of the trails and get a better feel for the park.  I’m hoping to go snowshoeing some this winter and this will probably be one of the first places I go this winter (assuming we get snow, which didn’t seem to be a problem last year).  Also, I’ve heard they have ice skating in the winter, so I’ll check out the photo possibilities on the ice as well.

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