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Tim has been interested in photography for many years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's in Environmental Science. Writing nature articles allows him to combine his interest in photography and nature into one medium.

Macedonia Brook at Macedonia Brook State Park

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View of Macedonia Brook in Macedonia Brook State Park

Macedonia Brook in Macedonia Brook State Park

In late October, I visited Macedonia Brook State Park in Kent, Connecticut (see my previous post in the series for additional photos).  It was a very beautiful park and I was very surprised how much I liked it.  Macedonia Brook (hence the name) runs through the park and has lots of great opportunities for photographs.  In fact it’s one of the few places that I’ve been where I saw several other photographers.

This particular photograph is upstream of the waterfall that’s in an earlier post in this blog (again, check the series above).  All along the stream, there is very easy access right by the main road in the park.  I’m not sure if the road is passable during the winter months, but if so, it’s another area I’ll definitely plan to check out further.

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