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Tim has been interested in photography for many years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's in Environmental Science. Writing nature articles allows him to combine his interest in photography and nature into one medium.

Goats at Action Wildlife in Goshen, Connecticut

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Goats at Action Wildlife in Goshen, Connecticut

Goats relaxing at Action Wildlife in Goshen, Connecticut


About a month ago I visited Action Wildlife, a wildlife park in Goshen, Connecticut.  Action Wildlife is approximately 116 acres and used to be a dairy farm.  The current owners have stocked it with various “grazing” or “herd” type animals (for lack of a better name).  You won’t find any primates or predator type animals here, but there is still a good selection and an interesting place to visit.  There is also a museum that contains taxidermy of all kinds of animals including lions and bears (oh my – sorry, don’t think there are any tigers) and a petting zoo for younger visitors.

I was a little disappointed by their “Drive-Thu Safari”.  It’s more of a “Drive Around Safari” – you drive your car around a very large enclouse with animals inside.  I wasn’t able to see many animals on the safari drive – maybe it was just a bad day.  There was a hay ride that takes you through the safari area, so that might be more interesting.

Overall, this was a nice place to visit.  I would plan on spending 2 to 3 hours here, maybe more if you have kids or take the hayride.  Do check their schedule ahead of time because they are closed for several months during the year.  More photos from Action Wildlife will be coming in the next few months.

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