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Multi-Post Review of the new Learn and Master Photography course from Legacy Learning Systems – Part One

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Multi-Part Review of the Learn and Master Photography Course
  • Multi-Post Review of the new Learn and Master Photography course from Legacy Learning Systems – Part One

Learn & Master Photography

Editor’s Comment:  Since this post, I’ve written a much more comprehensive review.  Check it out here.


Last week I received a review copy of Legacy Learning Systems new “Learn and Master Photography” course.  I have several of their previous courses (Guitar, Painting, Ballroom Dance, Drums, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Guitar Setup and Maintenance, and Piano) and have really enjoyed all of them, although it will probably take me a life-time to get though them all.  My first and favorite one has been the guitar course taught by Steve Krenz.  Today, I can play the guitar thanks to the Learn and Master Guitar course, although I’m no Jimmy Hendrix or Doc Watson (if you don’t know who Doc Watson is, you should really check him out).


So, because of my experience and good results with the Legacy Learning Systems courses, I asked to be an affiliate (yes, if you click on my links here for Legacy, I will receive a commission) and was one of the lucky ones that received a review copy.  If you look at anything I affiliate myself with, it’s because I believe in the company’s products, and that is especially true for Legacy Learning Systems.


Learn and Master Series


Overview of What’s In the Box

First, before we get to what’s in the package for Learn and Master Photography, let me speak briefly about the box itself.  All the courses I have purchased from Legacy have been packaged in boxes that are of the absolute highest quality and are a real joy to own and to use.  The boxes are well designed, incredibly sturdy, and have an ingenious closing system.  I plan to do a video soon and will show you what I mean.


Inside the box, you’ll receive 15 session DVD’s, 2 CD Roms (containing a PDF lesson book and RAW picture files), and a lesson book.  Each DVD and CD has it’s own sleeve and 7 empty sleeve’s are provided for additional DVD’s that you might want to store, such as photo DVD’s that you create in the course.


Each DVD contains two lessons, except for the first DVD which also has an Introductory session and a “History of Photography” session (which I enjoyed).  The lesson book goes through Lesson 10 (the rest are in PDF form on one of the CD’s) and is very well written with lots of photos.  I’ll be discussing all of this in more detail in upcoming additional reviews.


The Instructor

The instructor for this course is Vince Wallace, an accomplished photographer from Nashville, Tennessee.  Vince is very interesting, energetic, knowledgeable, and humorous (sometimes more so than other times;  I’ll let you find the bad jokes and puns for yourself).  One thing I really like about Vince is that he doesn’t talk over your head.  He’s very down to earth and speaks on a level that anyone can understand.


The Lesson Structure

As of today, I’ve watched through Lesson 6 and the course structure has remained consistent;  I’m guessing it might chance slightly in future lessons – I’ll tell you more those in future reviews.  Basically, Vince presents a topic and then covers it in detail.  At the end of the lesson, he gives an assignment;  you go complete the assignment, then return to the DVD and Vince goes over the assignment with you with some examples of his own.  After that, there is a section that tells you what to expect for the next Lesson.


Initial Impressions

In my next review, I’m going to start reviewing the individual lessons, but for now, I’m going to give you my first impressions.  If you are a beginner with a DSLR or new to photography in general, this is the “soup to nuts” way to learn photography.  You can do like I did, which is gather bits and pieces from here and there, but this course (at least what I’ve seen so far), will save you tons of money and time and will give you a good grounding in the principles and practices of photography.  I’ve learned photography through live courses, internet courses, books, DVDs, workshops, etc., and I can’t think of any better course than this for a beginner.


For an intermediate photographer (I consider myself an intermediate, amateur photographer), it’s still too early for me to know if I would recommend this course or not.  I’m definitely picking up bits and pieces of information that I missed in other classes, but it’s hard to know if it’s worthwhile to intermediate or advanced photographers until I’m much further along in the course.


What I’ll cover in Part Two of My Review of Learn and Master Photography

In Part Two of my review, I’m going to start speaking about the individual lessons and what you’ll learn in each.  I hope to cover several lessons a week, so check back for more.  I also plan to do a short video to show you what’s in the box;  hopefully, very soon.


If you have any questions, just write in a comment and I’ll answer the best I can.

Learn & Master Photography

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