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Tim has been interested in photography for many years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's in Environmental Science. Writing nature articles allows him to combine his interest in photography and nature into one medium.

Busy Week With Photoshop CS5

I haven’t posted much this week because I’ve been busy contemplating purchasing Photoshop CS5, making the purchase, and learning how to use it.  Continue reading for the full story.

So, because I have Photoshop Elements 9, I was given an opportunity by Adobe to purchase the full version of Photoshop at a greatly reduced price, but I had to make a decision by the beginning of next week.  I agonized over whether to purchase it, since I have Lightroon 3.3 and several of the Topaz Labs and Nik Software products.  Finally, I asked a friend his thoughts and he talked it over with one of his sons, who is a professional photographer and videographer, and he said it was a no-brainer at the price (thanks John and Gordon – your input was very helpful).

After making the decision to purchase it, I spent several hours trying to get it installed.  I started by ordering it off the web site, but the web browser suddenly closed in the middle of the order and it didn’t look like it went through.  I decided to just call Adobe and speak with a live person.  The sales person checked and said that the online order had not gone through, so I placed the order with him.

After placing the order with the sales person, I decided to take a break.  I came back about an hour later and I had two e-mails from Adobe showing purchases for two different amounts.  I called back and was transferred to customer service, who said that I did have two orders, but they could only cancel the online order, which I had already downloaded, but not the order through the sales person (which was a hard copy – not sure why the difference, it wasn’t my choice).

I was rather irate by this time, so I called back and asked for the original sales person.  He never came to the phone, but another employee helped me and ended up cancelling the called in order.  Thank goodness!  I’m relieved, but I am going to check my credit card bill closely to make sure it was taken off.

Since I downloaded CS5, I’ve been going through several of the video tutorials at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and Kelby Training (which are all great, by the way).  I’ve barely scratched the surface and the main thing I’ve learned is that Photoshop CS5 is immense and incredibly powerful.  I now have a very powerful arsenal of photography software – just have to keep learning how to use them.

I forced myself to take a break from the videos to write this up.  Hopefully this weekend, I’ll be back to posting more photos and to updating this website with some of the cool stuff I’m learning.  Although, I’m realizing CS5 will take many months, if not years, to learn most of the features.  Oh well, it keeps me out of trouble.

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