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A Reveiw of the Book “New England Waterfalls”


New England Waterfalls written by Greg Parsons and Kate B. Watson is a guide to over four hundred waterfalls located in New England.  The two authors of the book maintain a website at http://www.newenglandwaterfalls.com that contains lots of additional information on waterfalls in New England.

What’s Included

The book contains an introductory section on the six states that are covered (Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont), types of waterfalls, how to photograph waterfalls, and how to use the book.

The main body of the book is divided into sections by state.  Those state sections are then broken down by waterfall.  Each waterfall section contains the following information:

  • Rating – The rating the authors gave the waterfall with a maximum score ot 5.0.
  • Type – The basic form of the waterfall.
  • Height – The drop of the waterfall.
  • Trail Length – How long is the trail to get to the waterfall.
  • Water Source – The stream, river, brook, etc. that feeds the waterfall.
  • Altitude Gain/Loss – The altitude gain or loss on the trail.
  • Difficulty – How difficult the trial is leading to the waterfall.
  • Hiking Time – How long to hike to hike to the waterfall.
  • DeLorme Atlas – How to find the waterfall in the DeLorme Atlas.
  • Best Time to Visit – When to visit the waterfall.
  • The Falls – A description and other information about the waterfall.
  • Trail Information – Information about the trail.
  • Directions – Driving directions to the trail.
  • Other Waterfalls Nearby – Other waterfalls close to the current waterfall.

What I Thought of the Book

New England Waterfalls is a fantastic resource for finding and visiting waterfalls in the New England states.  The authors have written a book that is very concise and infomative, but at the same time have been able to infuse it with interesting bits of information about the waterfall and their own trips to the falls.

The first, and most minor, gripe I have with the book is that the rating system could use a little more definition.  For example, the authors rated Dean’s Ravine Falls in Canann, Connecticut as a 4.0 out of a 5.0;  however, they don’t really explain how they came to that rating conclusion.

My second gripe is a little more important.  It would have been incredibly useful if the authors had given GPS coordinates for each waterfall.  Yes, they do give the DeLorme Atlas number, but GPS coordinates would be extremely helpful in finding some of the waterfall, especially those waterfalls that are off the beaten trail.


Don’t let my minor gripes stop you from purchasing this book if you are interested in waterfalls in New England.  It is an excellent book and one that I plan to use extensively this spring and summer visiting waterfalls.  The information on each waterfall is easy to read and understand and should help make anyone’s visit to a New England waterfall more enjoyable.

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