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Tony Sweet’s “Flower Photography Artistry” DVD


Tony Sweet is well-known for his beautiful and amazing flower photography.  His DVD entitles Flower Photography Artistry is a series of sessions with Tony as he travels to different locations taking flower photos.  The DVD is published by “MasterPhoto Workshops”.

Topics Covered

Topics include:

  • The Isolated Subject
  • Macro Photography
  • Lily Pond Dragonfly
  • iPhone Stitch Pan
  • Backlit Dew Drops
  • Full Frame, Multiples, Lensbaby
  • iPhone CameraBag
  • Controlling Light
  • Hand Held Macro
  • iPhone HDR
  • Shooting Through
  • Zoom Swirl Multiple
  • iPhone Swipe
  • Asymmetrical Multiple
  • Printed Backgrounds
  • iPhone Orchid
  • Table Top Flowers
  • Digital Infrared
  • Textured Overlay
  • Targeted Adjustments
  • Texture Blending Scripts
  • Infrared Conversion
  • Flower Gallery

As you can tell, Tony covers a hugh amount of material in this course.

What I liked

The most enjoyable aspect of the DVD to me is Tony himself.  He comes across as someone that would be fun just to be around.  He seems easy going and doesn’t seem to let things get to him.  He’s also very good at communicating what he’s trying to get across.

The DVD covers a lot of material, which really surprised me.  I bought Flower Photography Artistryin a bundle and thought it would be just a quick little DVD with little content, but was pleasantly surprised – Tony covers a lot of ground.  Because of the large amount of content, when the DVD was over, I felt that it helped prepare me for many different possible scenarios.

Flower Photography Artistry also makes you feel as if you are right there with Tony as he travels from location to location.  You’ll feel like you were able to attend one of Tony’s workshops on flower photography at a beautiful garden or arboriteum, even when it’s 10 degrees and snowy outside.  As a bonus, you get to enjoy Tony’s beautiful photography and see what settings he used for each of his shots.

The DVD also has segments where you are seeing what Tony is seeing through his viewfinder.  This is a great teaching tool allowing the viewer to see what Tony is adjusting while he’s making the adjustments.  Also, many of the photos have all the details of the shot listed, such as f-stop, iso settings, focal length, etc.

What I didn’t like

It’s hard to fault a DVD when too much material has been presented, but I think Flower Photography Artistry could have been a little more focused.  For example, Tony has several sections on taking photos with an iPhone.  That’s great but:  1) I don’t have an iPhone and 2) the quality of the shots on an iPhone aren’t going to be as high as on a DSLR.  I think it would have been more effective to cover other flower related material and have a separate DVD on iPhone photography for those interested in that topic.

I do believe this course is geared for intermediate or advanced photographers, but I think it would appeal to a larger audience if some of the basics had been discussed in a little more detail.  For example, maybe a little more discussion on his equipment might help newer photographers.


This is a fantastic program for intermediate or advanced photographers interested in flower, macro, or even insect photography.  Beginners might feel a little lost at times, but if you have a firm grasp of the basics, you should really enjoy this DVD and watching Tony work.

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