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Review of Jim Zuckerman’s “New England Color” DVD


Jim Zuckerman’s DVD entitled New England Color: Field Techniques for Great Pictures is part of the MasterPhoto Workshops series of DVD’s.  It’s a two DVD set – the first DVD is Jim out in the field in New England in autumn and the second DVD is Jim back in the studio.

Topics Covered

The topics covered include:

  • Sunrise at Portland Head Light
  • The Classic New England Church
  • Fall Foliage Water Scenics
  • The Historic Cemetery
  • Sunset at “Nubble” Light
  • Photoshop Tips
  • Portfolio Review

What I liked

As with all of the DVD’s in the MasterPhoto series, the production values of New England Color are very high.  The camera work and audio are good and even the DVD folder is very well designed and produced.  Having a nice DVD folder might seem like a small thing, but sometimes I like to pull out my MasterPhoto DVD’s and just look at the photography on the folders themselves.

There is a lot of content here and the course is like following Jim around to different shooting locations.  He does a good job explaining what he’s doing and why.  For the most part, the locations are beautiful and he has a good eye for picking spots that most of us pass everyday and turning them into fantastic photos.

Jim is also a master at Photoshop and his studio session in New England Color is great for picking up tips and techniques.  Of the two DVD’s in the set, one is devoted entirely to working on the photos in the studio.

What I didn’t like

I think New England Coloris primarily for intermediate or advanced photographers.  Things move fast and Jim doesn’t give a lot of detailed instructions for what he’s doing.  To appeal to beginner photographers, I would recommend that the first location might be a little more detailed in his descriptions of what’s going on.

For the most part, the locations are beautiful.  However, it seems that Jim had a few spectacular locations picked out, but then just stopped at some spots along the road.  Of course, this isn’t all bad and may have been intentional – it helped give me insight to the fact that there are great photos waiting to be discovered all around us, we just have to find them.


New England Color: Field Techniques for Great Pictures is a very good DVD with a lot of great material and beautiful New England scenery.  I believe intermediate photographers would learn the most;  however, there is enough here that photographers of all levels will benefit.New England Color - Field Techniques for Great Pictures

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