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Canon T1i Review

The Canon T1i

I purchased my Canon T1i several years ago, soon after they came out.  I was primarily drawn to it’s 15.1 mega pixel sensor and large variety of additional accessories.  Now that I’ve had a chance to use the camera for several years, I appreciate the T1i for a variety of other reasons.


Not only does the T1i have a 15.1 mega pixel Digic 4 sensor, it also is capable of filming in 1080p video (at 20fps) or in 720p (at 30fps).  It has a 3 inch LCD screen and uses SD or SDHC cards for storage.  It’s outputs includes a USB 2.0 connection, HDMI, and video output.  It also can shot in continuous mode and can go up to an incredible ISO 12800.  The T1i also has image stabilization, but the actual IS mechanism is build into the lens.

Things I like

Some of the main features I like about the Canon T1i is it’s user friendliness.  Now granted, at first I didn’t think it was that user friendly, but after finding my way around the menus, I’ve realized it’s a very easy DSLR camera to operate.  The photo quality is very good and the video quality is clear and crisp.  I do recommend at least a Class 6 SDHC card for best results with video – I prefer the Sandisk Extreme III Class 6.

I like the ergonomics of the T1i and it’s LCD is large enough to read.  For the most part, the controls are very well laid out and make logical sense to me.  I should note that I’ve added a battery grip to the camera, which makes it larger and heavier, but increases the battery capacity and makes the grip area larger;  I’m not sure I would be as happy with the ergonomics without the battery grip.

Things I don’t like

There’s not too much I don’t like about the T1i, but there are a few minor gripes.  Even though the 3 inch LCD screen is large enough to read, it could be a slight bit larger.  Like all LCD screens that I’ve ever used, it’s very difficult to use in bright sunlight.  Also, the case feels solid, but I don’t have a good feeling about taking it in any adverse conditions – it doesn’t seem tight and robust enough to keep out dirt, dust, and moisture in severe conditions.

The biggest complaint I have is about image noise.  Sure, it can go up to ISO 12800, but I’ve not been able to achieve decent results at that high of an ISO.  However, there could be situations that I just need that high of a sensitivity and don’t care about noise.


I have been very pleased with my T1i.  It has never malfunctioned, has always given sharp photos and good video, and is easy to operate.  However, if I were to buy another DSLR right now, I would probably look at the next level up from the T1i, such as the new Canon 60D.

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